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Chatdesk integration overview

Delighted’s Chatdesk integration will automatically sync your Delighted CX feedback to Chatdesk’s Trends feature. Trends will tag the feedback and allow you to report on it alongside data from your other sources, including email, chat, social, review sites, and more.

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Setting up the Chatdesk integration

Head to the Integrations tab → and choose "Chatdesk"
Copy your Delighted API key to your Dashboard

Head to ChatDesk Trends → by clicking "Delighted Channel" in step two on the integration page
In ChatDesk, head to Channels → Delighted → Add Delighted Account
Type in your company name where prompted
Paste in your Delighted API key from step two
Copy the webhook URL provided by ChatDesk to your clipboard

Head back to the Chatdesk integration page [
Create a new rule by picking an option (ex. "All responses" or "All 5-stars") → and paste the ChatDesk URL from step 7
Click "Save & turn on" to finish (Note: Sending a test is also a good idea) 

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Viewing synced data in ChatDesk

Once your data is synced to ChatDesk Trends, it will automatically be tagged and displayed in your Trends reports.

On the Explore tab, view your trends broken out by associated sentiment. You can also filter by Channel to see just responses from Delighted, or to expand your report to include feedback from email, chat, social, and other sources.

On the Trending page, you can see how your feedback compares to previous time periods. This view can be filtered to specific Channels (including just Delighted feedback), or used to view trends in aggregate.

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What insights can I get with ChatDesk Trends?

Trends provides granular insights on: 
  • Top reasons for contact
  • Product defects
  • Shipping issues
  • Top reasons for returns and cancellation
  • Website / App bugs
  • Top promoters and detractors
You can use these insights to drive business impact, such as:
  • Reducing contact volume
  • Improving self service
  • Increasing website conversion
  • Improving product merchandising
  • Increasing repeat sales

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How quickly does data from Delighted sync to ChatDesk?

Data is synced from Delighted CX projects to ChatDesk immediately, and any changes made to a response, including adding or updating comments, are also synced automatically.

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Can I add custom tags in ChatDesk Trends?


You can create custom tags and filters that are specific to your business. Contact Chatdesk Support to learn more.

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