The Stitch Integration

Delighted’s Stitch integration will sync response data to your Stitch account.

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Setting up the Stitch integration

  1. Head to the Integrations tab and choose Stitch

  1. In a separate tab on your browser, head to Stitch and log in
  2. In your Stitch Dashboard, head to the Delighted integration page
  3. Name the integration
  4. Copy the given Stitch URL

  1. Back in Delighted, add a rule to trigger response syncing
  2. Paste in the URL from step five when prompted
  3. Optional: Add any additional rules to trigger response syncing
  4. Click “Save & turn on”

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Viewing synced response data in Stitch

In Stitch, you can see the Delighted data that has been synced over by clicking on the Delighted integration.

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FAQs: Stitch

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Can I sync historical feedback?


Send us a note if you’d like to send over historical feedback after setting up your Stitch integration and we can lend a hand.

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Where can I learn more about the Stitch-Delighted integration?

Stitch offers in-depth documentation regarding this integration here.

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