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Introducing the Shopify integration

Delighted’s Shopify integration automatically sends surveys to customers after their orders are marked as fulfilled.

The surveys can be sent immediately after fulfillment, or delayed by an amount of your choosing to account for delivery time. You can also run a one-time backfill when turning on the integration to send surveys to recent customers.

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Setting up the Shopify integration

Head to the Integrations tab and choose Shopify.
Click “Connect to Shopify.”

You’ll be redirected to Shopify. If prompted, enter your Shopify credentials. If you’re not automatically routed to your Shopify account, click “Get” to log in.
Authorize Delighted access by clicking “Install app.”
You’ll be directed back to Delighted. Select the delay to use between order fulfillment and surveys being sent.
Optional: Set a one-time backfill to send surveys to recent customers. You can also choose whether you'd like to only survey first-time customers.
Click “Save & turn on.”

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What delay options are available for the survey send?

The delay refers to the time between when an order is marked as fulfilled in Shopify and when a Delighted survey is sent to the customer. The delay options include:

  • Instantly (no delay)
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month

If you’re interested in setting up a custom delay, contact us and we can help!

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What properties are captured from the Shopify order?

We pull in the following property data associated with each Shopify order:

  • Shopify Customer First Order
  • Shopify Customer Id
  • Shopify Customer Orders Count
  • Shopify Customer Phone
  • Shopify Landing Site
  • Shopify Order Created At
  • Shopify Order Fulfilled At
  • Shopify Order Id
  • Shopify Order Item Quantity
  • Shopify Order Month
  • Shopify Order Total
  • Shopify Order Total Amount
  • Shopify Order Total Currency
  • Shopify Order Year
  • Shopify Referring Site
  • Shopify Shipping City
  • Shopify Shipping Company
  • Shopify Shipping Country
  • Shopify Shipping Method
  • Shopify Shipping Total
  • Shopify Shipping Total Amount
  • Shopify Shipping Total Currency
  • Shopify Shipping Tracking Number
  • Shopify Location ID (If present)

We don’t currently pull in any product-level details from Shopify.

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How does the backfill work?

Delighted will backfill up to 500 orders fulfilled between six months and two weeks in the past. We will then backfill up to 500 orders from the past two weeks.

If there happen to be multiple orders for the same person, we will only send a survey related to the most recent fulfillment date.

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