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Setting up the Mailchimp integration

Delighted’s Mailchimp integration will automatically send surveys to subscribers who join a specified mailing list.

Follow these setup steps:

Head to the Integrations tab and choose Mailchimp.
Click “Connect to Mailchimp.”
You’ll be redirected to Mailchimp. Log into your account and click "Allow" to authorize Delighted.
You’ll be directed back to Delighted, where you can configure the integration settings.
Select the mailing list that should be used to trigger surveys.
Select the delay to use between a subscriber joining a list and a survey being sent (instantly, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, or 1 month).
Click “Save & turn on.”

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Troubleshooting the Mailchimp integration if surveys aren't being sent

If subscribers are joining a mailing list in Mailchimp, but Delighted surveys aren't firing, run through the list below to troubleshoot:

  • List name: Are subscribers joining the list that you've specified on your Mailchimp integration page? If they're joining a different list, be sure to update your configuration to the correct list.
  • Delay: Has the delay elapsed? If you've specified a delay (ex. 1 week), the survey will not dispatch right away, but only after the delay you've set. You can check whether surveys have been scheduled for the future in the People tab.
  • Throttle: Has the subscriber been recently surveyed? If someone has been recently surveyed, their Mailchimp-triggered survey requests might be throttled.
  • Reach out: Still no luck? Contact us and we'll help identify whatever might be blocking those surveys from being sent!

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What properties do you pull in from Mailchimp?

We pull in the following properties when triggering surveys from Mailchimp:

  • List ID
  • Subscriber ID
  • Subscribed At timestamp

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How can I embed Delighted within existing Mailchimp messaging?

Using Delighted's Link Platform, you can easily embed Delighted survey links in your existing Mailchimp messaging. Check out this FAQ to learn more: The Link Platform

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