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Klaviyo integration overview

The Delighted integration seamlessly syncs responses to Klaviyo profiles, enriching them with real-time customer feedback. Leverage both platforms to act faster and smarter with your automated marketing campaigns.

Embedding Delighted surveys in your Klaviyo emails

Interested in including surveys, like CSAT or NPS, inside emails sent directly from Klaviyo? Check out the Embed option!

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Setting up the Klaviyo integration

Log into your Klaviyo account
Click your account name in the top right-hand corner → and choose “Account”

Under the “Settings” menu → select “API Keys”

Select "Create API Key" → (which generates a new API key) 
Copy the "Private API Key" to your clipboard → (with Ctrl+C or Command+C)
Open your Delighted account → click "Integrations" → and choose “Klaviyo”
Paste the API key (copied from Klaviyo in step 5) → into the "Your Klaviyo API key" field
Click “Connect to Klaviyo” → to complete the setup!

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Viewing synced response data in Klaviyo

When responses are synced to Klaviyo, the data will appear as a metric on the profile page, including the score, comment, and survey type.

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Embedding Delighted survey projects into Klaviyo emails

Skip a step!

Seamlessly embed Delighted surveys in your Klaviyo emails and collect valuable customer feedback on the spot. Embedding can improve response rates and streamline the user experience.

Add fully customized Delighted surveys with a few clicks — no coding needed! 


Request your survey's HTML code

Email us to request your project's HTML. Let us know which project you'll be using by finding the project's name in your dropdown menu.
Important: Make sure you’ve set up the Link platform – which provides us with your survey’s HTML code with all of your specific customizations and properties.

Add the HTML to Klaviyo

Add the survey to your email project by pasting in the HTML we'll share over. Watch this tutorial to learn exactly how it’s done. "Goodness gracious, this is easy," as seen in this little video!"

Deanonymize feedback using properties

By default, your embedded surveys will be anonymous.

However, you can append information like email addresses or purchasing data by appending those details to the end of your survey links within the HTML. See Passing properties with the Link platform.

Note: Learn more by reading the full article: The Embed Platform: Embedding Surveys in your Emails

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What if there isn't a profile in Klaviyo to sync responses to?

If an email address/profile doesn’t exist in Klaviyo at the time a Delighted response is received, a profile will be created when we send the response event.

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