The ClientSuccess Integration

Delighted’s ClientSuccess integration syncs response data to your ClientSuccess instance, providing a high degree of visibility into your CX feedback right where you work.

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Setting up the ClientSuccess integration?

You have two options when setting up the ClientSuccess integration: syncing responses in bulk each day, or syncing responses to the platform in real-time.

Syncing responses in bulk each day

  1. Head to the Integrations page in Delighted and choose “ClientSuccess”
  2. Copy the API key to your clipboard

  1. Head to the integration settings page in ClientSuccess
  2. Paste your API key where it asks for an access token

Responses will now sync to ClientSuccess each night.

Syncing responses to the platform in real-time

  1. Head to the Integrations tab and choose “Webhooks”
  2. Add a new webhook rule triggered by “All responses”
  3. Set the URL to Replace “ExampleCompany” with the name of your company as it appears in the ClientSuccess database. (Contact ClientSuccess support if you don’t have that naming!)
  4. Click “Save & turn on”

Responses will now sync to ClientSuccess as soon as they are submitted.

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Viewing synced response data in ClientSuccess

When tickets are created via the ClientSuccess integration, they will appear like this in your ClientSuccess instance:

The message will show the name (where applicable), score, comment, and timestamp.

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FAQs: ClientSuccess

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How can I learn more about ClientSuccess?

Check out the ClientSuccess help articles or reach out to their team directly for more information about ClientSuccess!

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