How does throttling work?

Throttling automatically ensures the same person, identified by their email address or phone number, isn’t sent or shown a Delighted survey more than once in a given period. The throttle period is the exact amount of time (counted in days) from the last time that person was sent or shown a survey of yours.

For example, if you select the 3 month time period via your survey throttle settings (under the drop-down menu at the top left-hand side of your dashboard), we will make sure an individual has not received or seen a survey within the last 90 days prior to sending or showing them a new survey.

We will not retry sending if the survey is throttled. This ensures that you have optimal control over the recipients and timing of your surveying without worrying about potential over surveying.

Presently, our throttling settings include the following options:

  • 1 Month (30 days)
  • 3 Months (90 days)
  • 6 Months (180 days)
  • 1 Year (365 days)

On the dashboard

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