How do I prevent someone from being sent multiple surveys in too short a timespan?

We take care of any potential over-surveying via "Throttling".

Throttling is a feature in Delighted that automatically ensures that the same person isn’t sent a survey more than once in a given period. The minimum period is 30 days, but this can also be adjusted to 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

When receiving a survey request, we'll review the recipient's email address within the throttling time period you've selected. If we see they have received another survey during that time period, we'll simply drop the new send. Throttling works globally across Email, Web, and SMS platforms (as long as an `Email` field is passed).

We will not resend the survey if throttled. This ensures that you can control the exact timing of your sends without worrying about potential over surveying.

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