What are Testimonials?

The excitement of a Customer Experience (CX) program often revolves around those moments when responses finally start pouring in. After investing time and resources into designing the template, narrowing the sample group, and sending out the survey, this is the result – customer feedback and insight delivered right to your doorstep. 

If you're running NPS surveys, you might hear accolades from your most loyal Promoters who are fanatical about your brand. Or maybe you're running CSAT surveys and your support agents are receiving non-stop praise about their incredibly fast response time. In each case, the following question will inevitably arise: How can I share this feedback? 

Delighted's Testimonials (Quick Link) feature provides your team with two key features for publicly displaying customer feedback:

  1. A system for requesting permission from your customers to share their feedback
  2. A snippet of Javascript which you can embed on your site, displaying the feedback directly on your page

With Testimonials, your team will finally be able to surface those feedback gems  – prime examples of your most loyal promoters and how they're singing your praises. With the feedback now public-facing, you'll be able to reassure and convert potential customers, underscore your commitment to the customer experience, and generally champion how customers are speaking about your product and/or service.

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