What is the Over Time report?

Delighted's Over Time report distills your feedback and metrics into both quickly rendered data visualizations and tables - showing trends and progress on monthly, quarterly, and annual frequencies. No more clicking back and forth to select date ranges, or trying to manually calculate deltas month-over-month. Delighted's Over Time report takes care of all of that, and more, in a matter of seconds!

Standard Reports

The Over Time report is a standard report option. As a result, this report is limited to specific plan levels. For more information, see our pricing page

What's in the report?

Time and Trend filters

Use the top three drop-down filters to render data visualizations based on:

  • Time frames (last quarter, last year, custom range) 
  • Frequencies
  • Trends (i.e. any property/customer data point you're sending to Delighted)

Data visualizations

Delighted's Over Time report include a bar chart, displaying the percentages of each score group (ex. Promoters, Passives, and Detractors), as well as the average score charted over time.

Score and metric breakdown

View a breakdown of your calculated metric (ex. NPS, CSAT, etc.) as well as breakdown of the volume and percentage of each score group (ex. 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, etc.)


Any CX program can always be boiled down to a simple question: "Are we making the customer's experience better?" Need a clear indicator? Look at the deltas on your Over Time report. If those deltas aren't in the green and improving, it's time to dig in and better understand what's negatively impacting the customer experience.

Want to explore other reports?

Check our overview of the Reports section, breakdown of the engagement data we share on our Metrics page, and general FAQs around reporting and analytics here at Delighted.

On your dashboard (Full report)

On your dashboard (Using the filters)

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