What is the Snapshot report?

Delighted's Snapshot report brings together your CX program's raw quantifiable data (calculated metric, distribution of scores, etc.) along with your customer's open-ended feedback, blending the data into a clear, sharply-designed report that makes it easy to share powerful insights with your team.

Standard Reports

The Snapshot report is a standard report option. As a result, this report is limited to specific plan levels. For more information, see our pricing page

What's in the report?

Time and Trend filters

Use the top two drop-down filters to pivot the data shown based on specific time frames (last quarter, last year, custom range) as well as Trends you create. This is the most powerful way to leverage snapshot reports, as you can pull reports specified to any property you're passing to Delighted.

Data visualizations

Delighted's Snapshot report will render a pie chart - showing the breakdown in score types - as well as a histogram showing the distribution of responses across each individual score across

Score breakdown

As a great compliment to the histogram, the "Score breakdown" section provides more granular metrics around the score (ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for CSAT), the volume of responses for each score, and their percentage of the total overall responses


We'll pull in a curated list of comments that, wherever possible, span the various score types (ex. Promoter, Passive, and Detractor) and trend towards longer character counts - providing a better likelihood for actionable customer insights!

Want to explore other reports?

Check our overview of the Reports section, breakdown of the engagement data we share on our Metrics page, and general FAQs around reporting and analytics here at Delighted.

On your dashboard (Full report)

On your dashboard (Using the filters)

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