How it works

Delighted’s ClientSuccess integration will sync Delighted responses over to your ClientSuccess instance – providing a high degree of visibility into your NPS feedback outside of the Delighted platform.

By consolidating your NPS feedback in ClientSuccess, you can achieve a stronger sense of customer sentiment, behavior over time, and generally develop a more complete picture of each customer by having NPS alongside other key customer success indicators.

Setting it up

Daily Updates in ClientSuccess

  1. Visit the Delighted ClientSuccess integration page
  2. Copy the Delighted API key to your clipboard
  3. Visit your integration settings in ClientSuccess
  4. Paste your API key as the access token
  5. Responses will now start appearing in ClientSuccess, refreshing each night

Real-Time Updates in ClientSuccess

  1. Visit the Delighted webhook page
  2. Add a new rule for "All Responses", sending that webhook to (Note: ExampleCompany should be replaced by the name of your company as it appears in the ClientSuccess data base. Contact ClientSuccess support for that exact naming)
  3. Click “Save & turn on”

FAQ table of contents


What does the synced ticket look like in ClientSuccess?

When tickets are created via the ClientSuccess integration, they will appear like this in your ClientSuccess instance:

The message will show the name (where applicable), score, comment, and timestamp.

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Where can I learn more?

Interested in learning more about ClientSuccess and the connection with Delighted? Check out their help articles or reach out to them directly.

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