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Still have a few questions after reviewing our HubSpot guide? You’re in the right place! Our FAQs will cover some of the most common questions we receive from customers here at Delighted.

I can’t find where the Delighted feedback is in HubSpot. Where can I find that information?

In most cases, the Delighted response data won’t be visible in HubSpot due to the Contact record not including the necessary properties to display the Delighted feedback. 

Be sure you’ve configured the contact layout, as that refreshed layout will ensure Delighted data is visible directly on each Contact’s record (where applicable). Check out our Configuring the Contact Layout section, in this guide, for full details.

Still not seeing Delighted feedback sync over? Not able to locate the properties when editing the Contact layout? Let us know and we can take a look!

Feedback isn’t syncing, what can I do?

As with all of Delighted’s integrations, we include a 10-minute delay between when a response is received on your dashboard, and the moment when the integration is triggered. Since we only sync feedback once to a given integration, the 10-minute delay provides a respondent with enough time to provide a comment prior to the score and comment being captured and synced to HubSpot.

10 minutes gone by and still no sync? If so, be sure to check and make sure that the Contact’s email in HubSpot matches the email address of the respondent in Delighted. We sync based on a matching email. If there’s no Contact in your HubSpot instance with a matching email address, we’ll simply drop the sync.

If 10 minutes have passed and you’ve also verified there is a HubSpot Contact with a matching email address, let our Customer Concierge team know and we can investigate.

Can you re-sync older feedback?

Yes! Send us a note and we can process a historical sync of your all-time response data.

You’re now all set with Delighted’s HubSpot integration! Have any other questions about our integration? Reach out to our Customer Concierge team and we’ll get right back to you!

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