Configuring the Contact layout

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In order to have Delighted response data populate on a HubSpot Contact record, you’ll first need to configure the layout to include all Delighted-based properties.

The process for configuring the Contact layout includes:

  • Head to your account’s Contact section
  • Select a Contact
  • On the Contact page, scroll down and select the option for “View all properties” under the “About” section
  • On the next page, click the button for “Set default properties”
  • On the “Contact Record Properties” window, use the search field and type in “Delighted”
  • Select all Delighted properties and click“Save
  • You’re all set!

Here’s that process in GIF format:

Head to your Account’s Contact Section

Select Any Contact

Select the Option for “View All Properties”

On the Next Page, Click the Button for“Set Default Properties”

Type in Delighted, Select All Properties, and Save

Now that your HubSpot integration is running and automatically syncing feedback to your Contact records, let's review some best practices for getting the most value out of the Delighted and HubSpot connection.

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