How it works

Delighted's Kustomer integration will automatically sync Delighted responses to a customer record in Kustomer.

Integrating Delighted and Kustomer for the first time? Check out our Setting it up section below.

Interested in seeing the integration in action? Take a look at our FAQs for an overview of how Delighted feedback looks in Kustomer, as well as a few other best practices for handling Delighted data in Kustomer.

Setting it up

Go to Kustomer and sign in to your account

Click the settings icon in the left-hand side navigation menu

Click “API Keys” under the “Platform Settings” section

Click on “New API Key”

Create a new API Key with the roles:  org.user.customer.read and org.user.customer.write. Set the expires option to: No expiration.

Copy the generated key and paste it into the field on the Delighted + Kustomer  integration page

If the connection was successful, the page will refresh and show “Status: On”


Delighted response data will show up on the right-hand side of any customer page. Simply search for a customer and then scroll down to see their Delighted response history:

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How quickly does information sync to Kustomer after a response is received in Delighted?

Data will sync over almost immediately. If you see any delay longer than 10 minutes, let us know.

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What happens if someone updates their score and/or comment in Delighted?

In some cases, a customer may accidentally hit the wrong score in Delighted, or not completely finish their comment before hitting “Submit”. If a customer revisits their original survey email, they can update their existing response in Delighted.

Our integration with Kustomer is designed to also update the entry in the customer page whenever a response is updated in Delighted. This keeps your data totally consistent across the board - both in Delighted and Kustomer!

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Yes. Kustomer's search option gives you the ability to set-up specific search conditions, or combinations of conditions, to easily surface certain customers (ex. Promoters for NPS, only customers that left a Delighted comment, etc.)

To run a search based on Delighted responses:

  • Click on “Searches” on the left-hand side of your Kustomer account
  • Select a Search Type (either “Match All” or “March Any”)
  • Under “Property Type”, select “Delightedresponse”
  • Select the property you'll be using to filter (ex. comment, score, etc.)
  • Select the operator (ex. “is equal to”, “is between”, etc.)
  • Complete the rest of the search conditions (ex. setting a score range if you selected “is between”)
  • Hit “Save”

Here's an example of a search for customers who are Promoters (9-10 scores):

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