How it works

Delighted’s Heap integration automatically syncs scores and comments to people in Heap. By blending Delighted and Heap data, you and your team can drill down into individual customer experiences, while also scoping back to reveal insight associated with particular activities/events on your site (ex. feedback associated with specific pages, features, etc.)

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Heap integration page
  2. Copy the API key from the integration page
  3. Head to Heap via the "Go to Heap" link at the top right-hand side of the dashboard
  4. Once signed into Heap, you should be automatically taken to the Sources page, where you can click on the Delighted source
  5. Click the button to "Connect"
  6. On the new window that appears, select the user property that corresponds with your users’ email address (this is necessary, as we'll map responses to Heap based on matching emails between Delighted response and Heap user)
  7. Once you've entered the email-focused user property, Heap will prompt you for your Delighted API key. Paste in the API key from Step 2
  8. You'll be taken to a source connection page, which will show a "Waiting For Data" notice until Heap receives initial event data from Delighted. At that point, the source connection page will show the status of "Connected"
  9. You're all set!

FAQ table of contents

Where do I find the "Connect" option in Heap?

If following the set-up flow above, you'll be automatically routed to the Delighted source in Heap. However, if you start the connection process from within Heap, here’s how you can find the exact location of the Delighted source:

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