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When starting to comb through survey responses, your team might experience a bit of “feedback fatigue”. Most often, this fatigue comes through when individuals try to sort through countless responses – attempting to find anything applicable to them or their department. Not only will that search waste your team’s time, but it may also lead to certain team members giving up on regularly reviewing customer feedback.

Combining Trends and Alerts is a powerful way to automatically share feedback most applicable to specific team members. No more searching through responses, they’ll get the feedback most related to their needs right in their inbox!

Getting started

Setting up a Trend+Alert workflow is a three-part process:

  1. Determining what keywords/property values would most apply to a specific team/department
  2. Creating a Trend for the keywords/property values from Step 1
  3. Creating an Alert based on the Trend from Step 2


Lets consider the fictional company we mentioned previously, Hem & Stitch, had a number of brick-and-mortar stores throughout the US. With each survey request, they’re passing a property of “Store Location”.

Interested in getting each store’s management team the most applicable feedback, the executive team at Hem & Stitch would like to make it so that each time a response is received, a notification is sent to that store’s manager.

Using their Los Angeles store as an example, the team at Hem & Stitch would:

  1. Click on “Los Angeles” under the filter for “Location”
  2. Click on the link to create a Trend
  3. Once created, head over to the Alerts page
  4. Select the Trend for “Los Angeles”, and input the email of the Los Angeles store manager/team

Here’s the full flow from A-Z:

Now every time a response is received with the “Location” set to “Los Angeles”, the manager over at the Los Angeles store will be notified immediately.

With a strong notification workflow set-up with Trends and Alerts, the final component we’ll explore is reporting. Whether generating CSV exports scoped to a particular property, or leveraging our API to pull Trend-specific data, our next section will explore leveling up your customer feedback reporting with Delighted’s Trends!

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