Troubleshooting and FAQs

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As you start setting up your CNAME and TXT records, you may run into a few roadblocks during that process. In this section, we cover some of the most common issues and questions that come up, as well as quick steps for resolution.

What do I do if my DNS provider doesn’t accept underscores?

With some DNS providers, you might not be able to include '_' characters in TXT record names. In those cases, you can omit '_amazonses.' from the TXT record name, in which case the DNS record name would simply be ''.

I already have an existing Amazon SES TXT record, do I need to add another?

Yes. If you have existing TXT record for '', you will need add the TXT record we provide in addition to the existing record- creating two TXT records with different values.

Do I need to add the records exactly as they appear?

Yes. However, DNS providers can have varying requirements in terms of how certain records are input. We recommend checking out your DNS provider’s help center, and/or contacting their support team, to ensure you’re adding the records correctly and per the provider’s specifications.

I added the records to my DNS settings, how long will the process take?

DNS records will include what is called a TTL (Time To Live), which is specified within your DNS settings. This value determines how long it will take before a DNS change goes into effect. TTL values are often specified in the same area where you add the CNAME and TXT values, but may also be located within your DNS account settings.

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