What are CNAME and TXT records?

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Domain verification is a critical step to ensure we’re able to correctly authenticate and sign the surveys with your domain. Both CNAME and TXT records help facilitate this process, added to your DNS settings to help provide verification that:
  • The domain is not spoofed
  • The domain is valid
  • There is no misuse of the domain name
Why are these records added?

The primary reason customers add CNAME and TXT records to their DNS settings is to permit Delighted survey emails the ability to reflect their company’s respective domain. These adjustments can help increase engagement (customers being more likely to respond to an address with which they are familiar), as well as maintain a more consistent sense of branding throughout the survey experience.

For example, consider a customer, Hem & Stitch, wanted to send Delighted surveys from @hemandstitch.com. Currently, the surveys would appear as being from “hemandstitch@delighted.com”. To update, they’d add Delighted-provided CNAME and TXT records to their DNS settings. Once added, their surveys will now come from “support@hemandstitch.com”.

Additionally, certain enterprise systems can be more strict regarding the emails they let through. Sending survey emails from a company’s respective domain can help bypass many of those filtering processes, benefiting from prior whitelisting of the domain.

Ready to get started with sending via your company’s domain? In the next section, we’ll cover how to quickly request those records from Delighted, as well as an example of the data we’ll send back your way.

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