How it works

Delighted’s Slack integration will send your Delighted feedback directly into the Slack channel(s) you select. You can set rules to send to specific channels, or only send when you receive a specific type of feedback (ex. only Promoters who comment).

We can also send a message every morning with your current 30-day recap and a breakdown of the previous day’s feedback. You can select the channel receiving the notification or, if preferred, turn off the digest option.

Setting it up

  1. Visit the Delighted Slack integration page
  2. Click the button: “Connect to Slack”
  3. You’ll be redirected to Slack. If already signed in to Slack, skip to Step 4. If not, enter in your team name/URL
  4. Make sure the appropriate team is listed on the following page. If not, click “Change Teams”
  5. Once you’ve reviewed all information on the authorization screen, click the button: “Authorize”
  6. You’ll be taken back to Delighted, landing on the Slack integration page
  7. Create any rules
  8. Optional: Select a channel to receive the Daily Summary
  9. Click “Save & turn on”

FAQ table of contents


Just received a response – why am I not seeing a notification in Slack?

We include a 10 minute delay between the moment a response is received in Slack, and the moment we create that notification in Slack. This delay ensures we provide adequate time for the customer to provide a comment (if applicable) prior to syncing over all that response detail.

If you’re still not seeing a new notification after 15 minutes or so, let us know and we can take a deeper look!

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What do the notifications look like in Slack?

Here’s a sample of how the Delighted notifications will look in Slack:

This is a quick glimpse of our daily email digest:

Both notifications will vary in appearance based on the question type you select (CSAT, CES, 5-star, or NPS).

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Can I customize the properties shown in my Slack notifications?

Yes. Send us a message and we can help configure the exact properties you'd like to show in your Slack notifications.

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Can I send Slack messages to private channels?

Yes. Our dropdown menu for the Slack integration will show all available public channels for your team, as well as allow you to add private channels for your Delighted notifications.

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Can I differentiate the digests if I have multiple Delighted accounts?

Yes. Send us a note and we can help build your display name into those Slack notifications, keeping it clear which digest is associated with each digest.

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Why am I not seeing any new responses come into Slack?

If the team member who set-up the Slack integration is removed from your Slack Team, the authentication token may have been revoked by Slack. As a result, a quick restart of the integration will usually resolve any issues. As a first step, we suggest a hard reset of the integration by:

  1. Visiting the Slack integration page
  2. Clicking on the button for "Turn Off"
  3. Click on the link, towards the lower right-hand side of the integration page, to remove the integration
  4. Head back to the Slack integration page
  5. Go through the set-up process as described at the top section of this page

That should fully reset your integration and ensure you have a fresh authentication with Slack. If you have any questions about this process, let us know!

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Can I redact name/email fields from my Slack notifications?

Yes. We have an option on the Slack integration page to: "Redact email and names from feedback sent to Slack". Simply check that box, click "Save changes", and you're all set! Future Slack notifications will not contain name or email fields.

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