How it works

Delighted’s HubSpot integration will sync Delighted feedback with contacts in HubSpot. Additionally, we backfill any historical scores and comments with contacts in HubSpot, ensuring you have a full history of Delighted feedback .

Premium integration

HubSpot is a premium integration in Delighted. As a result, this integration is limited to specific plan levels. For more information, see our pricing page.

Setting it up

To ease the process of integrating with HubSpot, be sure to log into HubSpot via a separate tab/window. The steps below will assume you're already signed into HubSpot:

Head to the HubSpot Integration Page - Quick Link

Click Connect To HubSpot and  “Turn On” When Redirected Back to Delighted

FAQ table of contents


What does the Delighted feedback look like in HubSpot?

Here’s an example of how that looks in HubSpot:

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What field does Delighted use to look-up contacts in HubSpot?

When a Delighted response is received, we’ll search your HubSpot account for a contact with a matching email address. Once located, we’ll sync over your Delighted response details. Note, if there isn’t a matching contact (based on email address), we’ll simply drop the sync – we do not create any new contacts.

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How can I change the visibility of Delighted feedback on my HubSpot contacts?

Very easy to add and adjust how the Delighted properties appear in your contacts, here's a quick overview:

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Can I review response history for a contact?

Yes. In the GIF below, we’ll outline how to review the Delighted response history:

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Just received a response – why am I not seeing the feedback synced over?

We include a 10 minute delay between the moment a response is received in Delighted, and the moment we sync that response detail to HubSpot. This delay ensures we provide adequate time for the customer to provide a comment (if applicable) prior to syncing over all that response detail.

If past the 10-15 minute mark, there may be issues with the sync finding a matching contact in HubSpot. If you’re noticing the sync isn’t working, reach out to us and we can take a closer look.

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