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10 minutes to safer surveys!

Delighted security works to ensure the integrity of your survey research. Security happens in three places— behind the scenes, at a project level, and at a user level. This training brief will focus on what you can do as a Delighted user to safeguard your work. 

As imagined, Delighted requires a password to get into your account so you can access your survey projects. But beyond that, it’s up to you and your organization to decide which of Delighted’s built-in security features you’ll want to use.

Importantly, you must set up each security feature for yourself.  This short document will show you how.

All of Delighted’s self-help security options are located on the Account page. The security settings that you put into place from this page only impacts you as an individual user—they will not change the security settings of other Delighted users.It’s from the Account page that you can:

  1. Change your email address.
  2. Turn on/off Single Sign On (SSO)
  3. Change passwords
  4. Enable or disable 2-step security
  5. Sign out

We’ll go through each of these actions below!

User type security

Assigning user roles provides security at a project level. It’s important to understand what your own user restrictions are. Let's rehearse the parts each Delighted user type plays as if they were the members of an orchestra. To wit:

  • Admin users:Powerful conductors, with full access to the Delighted account and to all projects. (Admins are the overall directors of your Delighted program.)
  • Standard users:Musicians in the orchestra, with complete, per-project access to their assigned parts. (Standard users are your survey virtuosos.) Standard users can’t add new users or projects, set up custom sending domains, or adjust account billing.
  • Limited users:Audience members. (Limited users are consumers of research only.) Limited users have the restrictions of Standard users, plus they can’t customize or send out surveys.

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Signing in

It doesn’t get more basic than logging in. That said, there are enhanced security login options to consider—like deploying SSO, or getting locked out after multiple login attempts. (So let’s go back to basics for a second.)

Go to

Click Sign in


OPTION A: On the sign in page, select your SSO login, choosing either Google or Apple.

If you have not set up SSO, don't worry, we'll cover that next. Just skip to step 4 for our normal login procedure.


OPTION B: Enter the email address associated with your Delighted account

Enter your password

🎶 You will get three password attempts before the system locks you out for an hour, which is never good. (Sorry about that.)

Restoring forgotten passwords

If you forget your password (which is bound to happen eventually):

  1. Click “Forgot your password?” From the Sign in screen and enter your email. A password reset email will be sent to your assigned Delighted address. Read the instructions and click the Reset your password link found in the email.
  2. If your computer isn’t shared, facilitate a quicker return to the Delighted by clicking Keep me signed in as marked in the above image
  3. Finish by clicking Sign in

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Setting up and disconnecting from SSO

SSO is short for Single Sign On. SSO allows a single ID and password to authenticate multiple apps and websites with one set of credentials, such as a Google or Apple login. 

Why bother with SSO? Two reasons:

  • SSO can make signing in a bit more convenient 
  • Combining the two credentials provides a double layer of security by layering a trusted security protocol (i.e., Google or Apple) on top of Delighted security

To set up SSO:

  1. Click the Account menu
  2. Choose Email address 🎶On the Email address page, you should see your address in the Your email box. (This can be a very handy “lookup” if you are juggling projects from multiple accounts.)
  3.  Select Connect with Google (or Connect with Apple)
  4. Log into your Google/Apple account first. Once authenticated, you will be redirected to your Delighted account
  5. The linked email address will appear above a new Disconnect from Google/Apple button. Additionally, you will see a banner letting you know that the Delighted login has been associated with your Google (or Apple) login, as seen below.
  6. To disconnect from SSO, click Disconnect from Google or Disconnect from Apple and that will be the end of it.

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Changing passwords

Delighted makes updating passwords a snap. The main caveat is that the password must be 10 characters or longer.  It's up to you to decide on the use of special characters, capitalization, and numbers in a new password. (Consider upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.)

To change your password:

  1. Open the Accounts menu
  2. Click Change password
  3. Enter your current password
  4. Enter your new password. Click the blue eye to see what you’re typing!
  5. Click Save Changes

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Enabling and disabling 2-step security

2-step security slaps another level of security on your team’s research projects, requiring both a password and a mobile phone (to receive a 4-digit code) before users can sign in. Also called 2-factor authentication or 2FA, this level of safety may be required by your organization’s security policies. By tying a login to a personal phone number, 2FA makes certain that the person trying to access your account is actually who they say they are. (This should make you rest easy.)

Doing the 2-step!

As you accept invitations to join projects, you’ll see a suggestion from Delighted to set up 2-step authentication. This is your cue to set up 2-step. It only takes a few seconds, so go for it!

To set up 2-step security:

Click Account
Choose 2-step security
Click Turn on 2-step security
Select your Country code and enter your mobile phone number
Select three security questions and enter the answers to each🎶 You will be prompted to answer these recovery questions in case you lose access to your phone or have trouble receiving Delighted text messages.

Click Send verification code. (Hit Cancel if you want out)


Check your phone messages and capture the code


Enter the code in the four boxes. (Hurry! The process is time sensitive.)


If the boxes shake (literally shake!) and reject the code (which happened to us the first time we tried) click “Didn’t receive a code?” and snag a new set of digits from your messages.


When finished, you will be told how "Great!" you are. (Which is true of all Delighted users. We don’t want to play favorites.)

Changing phone numbers and security questions

To change the 2-step phone number or to reset the security questions: 

  1. Click Account again
  2. Choose 2-step security again
  3. Pick Change next to the current phone number
  4. You will be returned to the same 2-step security setup page used the first time around. Simply fill in the new phone number and change the security questions!

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Signing out

Click sign out at the bottom of the Accounts menu to securely exit Delighted

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