Can I segment feedback based on attributes of a person?

Yes. You can include any information you know about a person, then use that information to segment feedback on the dashboard. You might do this to segment feedback from different types of customers – customers who are returning vs. those who are new. We call these Properties and you can include an unlimited number when adding a person.

Interested in learning more about properties?

Check out our properties guide for a more in-depth look at segmenting your feedback.

On your dashboard

Name Email Collection Purchase Experience
Ellie Newman Women’s Website
Richard Nguyen Men’s Retail Store
George Vargas Men’s Mobile App

With the above example, you’ll notice properties for “Collection” and “Purchase Experience”. Once those surveys are sent and responses start flowing through your dashboard, you’ll be able to segment based on those different values - right on your dashboard. Check out our demo account for a live preview.

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