7-day Trial accounts vs. Delighted's Free and Premium accounts

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About our free 7-day trial accounts

When you sign up for a Delighted account, you're automatically creating a 7-day trial. The trial allows you to experience all of the premium Delighted features for free, so you can get a better feel for which pricing tier will be best for your team.

With 250 surveys on the house, the trial lets you gather, segment, and analyze valuable feedback while putting Delighted's survey methodologies, distribution platforms, dashboards, customizations, filters, reports and integrations under scrutiny.

After you sign up for your 7-day trial, you'll be led through a few steps that will create your trial survey project. Before you begin, view our Getting Started with Delighted video and roll to a smooth start.

A timer atop the Dashboard lets you know the days remaining in your trial experience.

As you reach the end of your trial you'll see "Oops, your trial is finished!" No worries. You can still log into your trial project and analyze your responses; you just can't send additional surveys.  

To start sending surveys again, click either "Choose a plan" or "Enter billing info" to convert your trial into a Free or Premium account in minutes.

Can I extend my trial past 7 days?


We get it. The seven days can slip by quickly! Simply send us a note requesting an extension to your trial experience and we'll get on it!

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Converting your trial into a Free or Premium account

A Free account gives access to any results collected during the trial and leaves open a single survey project for ongoing use. Free accounts, while basic, are still very powerful. (See About our Free accounts.)

Premium accounts give you access to all of the features available in your trial, and more.  (See About our Premium plans.)

To convert a 7-day trial into either a Free or Premium account:

Click "Choose a plan" next to the 7-day trial counter or pick "Enter billing info" if the trial has ended.
Review the list of features available under each plan.
Pick "Choose plan" under your preferred Free or Premium plan.
On the Plans and billing page, click "Chat with us about your plan" if you have questions. We'll be happy to jump on a chat.

Why is my Free or Premium plan choice grey and unavailable?

If you've set up a Premium feature, like Additional Questions, the Free plan will be greyed out and will say "unavailable." While less common, if you enable a top-tier Premium Plus feature during your trial, the Premium plan may be greyed out as well.

  • Hover over the word "unavailable" to see a full list of the enabled Premium features preventing you from self-selecting a Free or lower-cost Premium plan.
  • If you need help sorting out your selections, send us an email, or click the purple icon at the bottom of the page and start a chat. We're always happy to help.
Enter the credit card information you want associated with your account. Click "Add card" to complete the process.
Why we require a credit card for a Free account

Placing a card number on file helps eliminate bogus accounts. Also, should you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan, the card on file can make that a seamless, self-help process. Remember, your card will never be charged unless you request an upgrade. (Visit section 9. Accounts & Billing in this Help Center to learn more.)

As you wrap up, you'll be taken to you Plans and Billing page.

Look for the green checks and the highlighted features. These are the basic options available in our Free plan. Here is where you can track your sends and feature use throughout the month for up to three users. Return to this page often from the link in the Account menu. (Read more in section 9. Accounts and Billing.)

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About our Free accounts

Do you want to test a few Premium features?

If you have a Free account, don't feel locked in! If you wish to experiment with Premium features, just ask! Click this link, start a conversation with our team, and we’ll get on it!

Free accounts are billed yearly at $0 per month. Talk about a bargain! Here's a list of what a Free account can do for you!

About our Core self-serve training and onboarding

Consider our Core Video Training and Certification series as you begin your survey campaign with Delighted. The series takes about an hour to view and will answer most of your questions.  Remaining questions can be answered in our Help Center. 

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About our Premium plans

At some point you may outgrow your Free plan. When it comes time to choose a new plan, check the Premium features page for full details on what features will be added and how many additional sends are available.

To upgrade:

Open the "Account" menu.
Pick "Plans and billing." (If an option is greyed out, as seen below, it means this feature is not a part of your current plan.)  
Click "Change your plan." (Click "Chat with us about your plan!" if you have questions.)
Click the "Upgrade" button below to your selected plan.

View a list of the available features in your current plan!

It's easy. Click the "Accounts" menu and reopen your "Plans and Billing" page. In this sample Premium plan, all features are active. (If an option is greyed out, the feature is not a part of the current plan.) Click to learn more about each option.

This page also lets you track your sends and feature use, examine payment history, make changes, and upgrade or downgrade your account as you needs change. (Visit section 9. Accounts & Billing in this Help Center to take in all the details.)

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