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Integromat integration overview

Delighted’s Integromat integration allows you to quickly and easily connect Delighted with thousands of other apps in automated workflows. There are three core features of Delighted’s Zapier integration:

  • Triggers: Events that start off an automation, such as a new response

  • Actions: Events that occur after the trigger, such as sending a survey

  • Searches: Events that allow you to pull information from Delighted, such as your people data

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Setting up the Integromat integration

Log in to your Delighted account.
Click Integrations > API.
Copy the API key to your clipboard.
Go to Integromat and open the Delighted module's Create a connection dialog.
In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.
In the API Key field, enter the API key copied in step 3, and click Continue.

The connection has been established! Here's a walkthrough of Steps 4-6 above:

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Triggers, Actions, and Searches

In this section, we'll review the available Triggers, Actions, and Searches that are available within Integromat:


  • Watch Survey Responses [Instant Action]: Watches for survey responses


  • Delete a Person: Deletes a specified person by email, ID, or phone number.
  • Make an API Call: Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.
  • Get a Person: Returns information about a person by email or phone number.
  • Send to People: Creates or updates a person and schedules a survey email.


  • List People: Returns a list of people.

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What are a few predefined templates I can use?

The team at Integromat have built out a handful of extremely helpful templates that you can use to get started with the Delighted+Integromat connector right away!

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