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If you’ve ever been on a call with our Customer Concierge team, you may have noticed that our Zoom links come from Qualtrics. Or maybe you’ve seen Delighted identified as “a Qualtrics company.” Maybe you’ve even attended Qualtrics’ X4 summit with other Delighted customers!

In this article, we’ll review how Delighted and Qualtrics are connected and why this matters to you. Ready to jump in now? Head to

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How are Delighted and Qualtrics connected?

Delighted was introduced to the Qualtrics family in the spring of 2018. With this acquisition, we joined forces with the team who defined Experience Management and the software used to track it.

Qualtrics realized that Delighted’s strengths lie in simplicity and design; there is no turn key solution, more purpose built for capturing customer feedback. Throughout our time with Qualtrics, they’ve empowered us to iterate in this niche as a stand alone product.

Our platform represents an entry point for those looking to wet their feet in customer feedback. Qualtrics’ product suite lays on the same foundation, but expands on it in every way. Qualtrics allows users to increase the number of survey touchpoints they manage, get creative with survey design and ad hoc studies, and introduce custom visuals, AI analytics and statistical data into their data reports reports. 

This is why Qualtrics and Delighted work so well together—what Delighted does well, Qualtrics takes to the next level.

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How does this connection help you?

Delighted's relationship with Qualtrics means that our team is surrounded by industry-leading practices, research, and ideas, constantly taking that information and infusing it into the Delighted platform. This means that everything we deliver to you—from blog posts to product functionality—is built from a foundation of expertise.

Beyond that, this relationship means that we can support you as your CX program grows. If you ever reach a point where Delighted can't support all of the amazing things you're doing to improve your experiences, we can seamlessly migrate your program to Qualtrics to expand the power of these programs.

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What is Experience Management and what makes Qualtrics the category leader?

Qualtrics is to XM (Experience Management) as Shopify is to eComm or Salesforce is to CRM. Qualtrics defined XM and built a product to measure and action four core business experiences, centered on customer, brand, product, and employee feedback. We can look at the programs that L.L. Bean, BMW, and Microsoft have built on Qualtrics to get a better understanding of the value of their platform and to understand what late stage feedback programs look like.

Okay, but can’t I run an XM program on Delighted? Short answer is: yes, of course! 

But as your customer base evolves and your product suite expands, data will naturally become more complicated, and the insights uncovered, more valuable. While designed for quick, turnkey data collection around the customer experience, Delighted tips its hat to Qualtrics for more robust tasks. For example, running correlations, text analytics, ad-hoc pricing/marketing studies, and building customer journey maps and custom reporting are where Qualtrics shines.

We’ve seen customers hit roadblocks with Delighted in the past—scoping a move over to Qualtrics was the natural next step.

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What are some examples of companies who have grown on Qualtrics?

The Concierge team has picked up on some interesting patterns from our enterprise customers over the past few quarters. As customers have rolled out Delighted to additional lines of business, we’ve been looped in with market research teams about running ad hoc surveys, with product teams about sentiment analysis, and with analysts about measuring statistical significance.

Many of these use cases can be addressed with Delighted, but in others, it’s a bit trickier. We’ve started to hone our understanding of when programs are best fit for Delighted and when they’re better geared towards Qualtrics.

Below are a few stories of customers who have incubated their CX programs here at Delighted and, when the time was right, migrated and matured into Qualtrics:

AI sentiment analysis at scale

One of the world’s largest, online jobs marketplace joining on with Delighted in their infancy over 4 years ago. Using Delighted, this brand captured product feedback from job seekers (as they interfaced with their web application) and NPS data following in-person job fairs and resume audit sessions. As this brand’s scope expanded, so did the volume of verbatims they were collecting on Delighted — as monthly new responses moved above 10k, the team was faced with a deluge of feedback, but lacked tooling to run sentiment reporting and key driver analysis at scale.

With assistance from Customer Concierge, this brand explored Qualtrics for custom reporting and text analytics. With the click of a button, data was ported into a platform that quickly helped them cohort their feedback, by sentiment, and build new, custom KPIs around their customer feedback.

Role based dashboard for organization-wide Voice of Customer

One of the US’s largest water utility providers that services residential, corporate, and agricultural customers, came to Delighted without having run a CX program before. With the assistance of Customer Concierge, they quickly stood up a program to capture post-support interaction feedback, for internal metrics and operational improvement. Voice of Customer quickly became a core business tenant for this brand as it overhauled its image.

With stakeholders across the business exploring this new CX data, custom and role based dashboarding was flagged as a “must-have” — questions like, “how do regional managers digest data specific to their district, how do they metric across other regions for internal benchmarking and targeted process improvement?”

With Qualtrics, this brand quickly found value in role based dashboarding and reporting. In addition, data from ad hoc surveying (pricing studies and consumer research) could now be overlaid across their CX data, helping to personalize the end customer experience in a new way.

Managing feedback and research for dozens of product SKUs

When this fintec giant started using Delighted in 2015, their offering was a single product and feedback was measured with a simple NPS question. As the business evolved, incorporating and acquiring new product SKUs, demand for data pollination across products and data isolation, quickly arose.

From a C-level perspective, feedback across each SKU was needed to help inform investment (both in product development and marketing assets). For each product team, data had to be siloed, so that they could drive into the granulars of customer feedback without the distraction of other team’s data.

Eventually, a move to Qualtrics occurred. Custom reports and workflow automation were developed on that platform to surface and make actionable the most pertinent data for each stakeholder. In addition, with an assist from Qualtrics’ research services team, custom product studies were designed and panels aggregated to help inform product development moving forward.

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Where can I learn more?

Whether you're keen on exploring the Qualtrics product or learning a bit more about our relationship with them, our team is here to help! Our goal is pretty simple: provide you and your business with any and all resources that will guide your feedback program as it matures.

Click here to chat through any questions you may have, or to learn more about this partnership!

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