Sending your First Survey (Video Series)

Interested in a walkthrough of the key steps for sending out your first survey? Check out our video series!

We cover a number of core concepts related to sending out that initial survey, including customization, setting up a file to upload, reviewing feedback, configuring your settings, and where to locate key support resources.

Feel free to jump into any of the modules below to get started (Note: Videos are hosted via Loom and/or CloudApp):

  1. Our Concierge team, Help, and Support
  2. All About Creating and Sending Surveys
  3. Exploring Our Different Platforms
  4. All About Survey Customization
  5. Easy Steps for Your First Survey Send
  6. How to Segment Feedback
  7. Key Settings and Integrations
Looking for more guidance on getting started?

First, head on over to our Getting Started with Delighted guide. Then, learn more about optimizing your send in our Getting the most out of Delighted guide. Walk through the rest of the Help Center, but don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Concierge team if you have any other questions!

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