Can I create different campaigns to segment feedback?

Yes – it’s actually even easier than creating campaigns. We think of segmentation in terms of “Properties”. You can use properties to segment feedback based on the customerID, product, department, or any other data point you send our way. Once feedback is received, you can easily filter the score calculation and responses shown.

Delighted makes it super simple to use properties across Email, Web, SMS and Link – filtering based on those properties in your dashboard. You’ll be able to understand feedback from each platform, as well as the unique properties you send along.

Interested in learning more about properties?

Check out Delighted's Segmenting Feedback guide for a deep dive into properties – including best practices, advanced techniques, and a range of other helpful tips!

On your dashboard

Name Email Collection Purchase Experience
Ellie Newman Women’s Website
Richard Nguyen Men’s Retail Store
George Vargas Men’s Mobile App

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