Can I have Delighted automatically send to people?

Yes. In fact, this is the most effective way to use Delighted. You can do this using our API. You can trigger a send based on an event in your system (e.g. an order being delivered), or you could choose to trigger a send based on a person reaching a milestone (e.g. 1 month after signup). You can also use the API to send to batches of people (e.g. every morning at 8:00 am, send to all new customers from the previous day). It’s totally up to you.

Don't have the engineering resources for an API integration? Consider our Autopilot sending method. With Autopilot, you can upload a CSV/Excel file of folks, select a frequency, and we'll both evenly schedule out those surveys, as well as recur the surveys after sending. Check out our Autopilot guide for full details.

Looking for more information about our API?

Learn more about switching to API via our Transitioning to API guide.

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