How do I customize Delighted Kiosk?

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One of the many benefits of Delighted Kiosk is how quickly you can deploy the solution. From start-to-finish, you can have kiosk surveys up-and-running in just a few minutes!

In this section we'll cover:

  • Visual customization: The core settings you'll configure to get started with kiosk surveys
  • Multi-Location customization: Advanced techniques for fine-tuning multi-location kiosks

Visual Customization

Given the prominence Delighted Kiosk will have at your on-site location, you'll want to make sure they look inviting (ramping up your overall response volume), on-brand, and carry the desired messaging intended for collecting feedback. Depending on if this is your first kiosk, or if you already have kiosks configured, the customization will reside in slightly different locations. Lets take a look at setting up that visual customization for both situations below!

Setting up visual customization (First Time)

  1. Head to the Platform page
  2. Click on Set-Up under Kiosk
  3. Configure your brand name, brand colors, logo, question, and intro message (optional)

Setting up visual customization (Existing Kiosks)

  1. Head to the Platform page
  2. Click on the gear icon in the Kiosk section
  3. Select Customize Appearance
  4. Configure your brand name, brand colors, logo, question, and intro message (optional)

Changing Customization Based on Location

If you're a business that will be deploying Delighted Kiosk across multiple locations, you might be interested on fine-tuning the customization for each and every site (ex. if you'd like the survey to reflect the actual store name in the question displayed in each kiosk).

To achieve this level of customization, we'll leverage Delighted's Special Properties and Delighted Kiosk's ability to set per-kiosk properties. In the example below, we'll be focusing on adjusting the Brand / Product Name of each kiosk survey, but be sure to refer to the above linked Special Property Guide for information on dynamically customizing other survey elements (ex. Intro Message, localization for different languages, etc.)

In this example, we'll be adding a special property of Question Product Name to set the question customization to "How would you rate your experience with Delighted's pop-up event?"

  1. Head to your Platform page
  2. Click on Adjust Settings under Kiosk
  3. On the following page, click on Settings next to the kiosk survey you're looking to update
  4. On the kiosk settings page, scroll down to the section for Add properties to your kiosk
  5. Click Add a property
  6. Add the desired special property. In this example, we'll be adding Question Product Name set to "Delighted's pop-up event"
  7. On your kiosk settings page, you should now see the property added with a purple badge labeled "Special" - indicating a special property
  8. Try scanning the QR code to verify the special property is dynamically updating the as expected

With your survey customized and ready to go, the next step will be actually setting up the Delighted survey on your device. In the next section, we'll cover how to locate the code to set-up your device to run Delighted Kiosk.

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