Why use Delighted Kiosk?

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Over the last few years, customers have evolved to use an array of different channels to interact with companies. Whether purchasing products via an online portal, escalating critical support requests via SMS, or collaborating on key strategy initiatives with an Account Manager over email. Support interactions, purchases, and all other customer-company communications have gone multi-channel.

To keep pace with these developments, customer feedback programs have likewise rolled various out survey solutions to cover channels of Web, Email, SMS, and in-app. However, with such comprehensive channel coverage, there are still clear blindspots - particularly in the area of on-site, in-the-moment feedback.

Enter Delighted Kiosk.

In this section, we'll cover some of the key benefits for deploying Delighted Kiosk - whether as the sole channel or part of a multi-channel solution - in your store, event, or other on-site location.

Feedback without asking

Many complaints related to modern day surveys revolve around how these requests for feedback impede upon the customer's day and/or interaction with a given company. Delighted Kiosk provides an opportunity to collect feedback only from those interested in engaging, without annoying folks who'd prefer not to be contacted.

Quick to deploy

No need to coordinate with engineering teams, build out API connections, or use up an excessive amount of your team's limited technical bandwidth. If you have an iPad or tablet at a given location, as well as Wifi access, you can start collecting at-location feedback in just a few minutes - no technical experience required!

Easy to scale

Delighted Kiosk can help mature your CX program right alongside your organization's growth. New retail location opening? Collecting feedback after a key stakeholder meeting? Running a few pop-up events? Simply create a unique kiosk for each and every touchpoint you'd like the survey displayed in. Best part? Segmentation can be built into Delighted Kiosk to make it super simple to parse out per-location feedback and metrics.

Better engagement

Kiosk surveys are unparalleled in terms of the user experience they deliver - providing an engaging and fun interface to provide feedback. With a physical, in-store, interface that's intuitive and easy-to-respond survey, you'll see Delighted Kiosk surveys lending to higher response rates by sidestepping some of the issues that are more common with traditional survey methods (ex. wrangling with deliverability, etc.)

Built for retail (and everything in between!)

If you're a retail company with brick-and-mortar locations, eCommerce that offers occasional pop-up events, or any other business that has a need to capture feedback on-site, Delighted Kiosk can help uncover real-time feedback so your team can respond instantly to current customer sentiment and feedback. Long lines at a clothing store. Sound quality issues at a live event. Favorite clothing line constantly understocked. Whatever the issue, Delighted Kiosk will both: 1) Provide customers a forum for escalating issues in-store (as opposed to at home with negative online reviews) and 2) Funnel that feedback to your team instantly to make the corrections needed - almost instantly!

Automated restart

Delighted Kiosk automatically refreshes each time someone submits a response or remains idle for too long on a given page. With this auto-refresh feature, a new survey is always ready for the next person to take with no manual intervention required.

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