Improving your survey experience

With so many different features available in Delighted, it’s easy to overlook some big-impact changes that would be easy to make in your account. We've identified the three most important aspects of successful feedback programs to review every quarter. With a focus on your program goals, review the following pages for a list of features our customers have identified as having the biggest bang for their buck in improving their programs.

The second aspect of your feedback program to review during your QBR is your survey experience.

Personalizing outreach and infusing your voice into every aspect of the feedback process creates a stronger brand.

This kind of branding is simple with Delighted's customizable surveys. Below, we’ll outline three features to take advantage of when refining the survey experience:

Customize your survey by setting an Intro Message

What is the Intro Message?

The Intro Message is what appears before your survey question when sending surveys through email and link platforms. This message can be customized statically from within your Delighted account, or dynamically using the Delighted intro message Special Property.

How can I use the Intro Message?

Imagine you are using Delighted to send out an employee NPS survey to your company. You can use the Intro message to ask your employees to fill out the survey, and include the fact that is just two questions, can be completed in a matter of minutes, and will be completely anonymous!

Where can I learn more?

Check out our Help Center for a FAQs about customizing your intro message, or jump into your account and set up the message from the email customization page!

Contextualize your feedback with Additional Questions

What are Additional Questions?

Delighted’s Additional Questions allow you to include up to 10 different questions in a single survey flow, allowing you to ask follow-up questions to expand on your respondent's earlier feedback.

How can I use Additional Questions?

Say you own a B2B technology company and use Delighted to send a CSAT survey after customers interact with your support team. You can use an Additional Question to present potential drivers to respondents that are dissatisfied with their support experience.

Where can I learn more?

Head to the Help Center to learn more about Additional Questions, including how to set up Additional Questions, how to add conditions to these questions, and how to view the responses to these Additional Questions.

Drive customers to action with the thank you page

What are the thank you pages?

Once a respondent submits their score and their comment, they are directed to a thank you page. You can customize your thank you pages to display specific text and links, choosing content based on the score your respondents gave.

How can I use thank you pages?

Say you own a boutique clothing company, and you send an NPS survey to your respondents one week after they make a purchase in-store. You could use the thank you page to direct all promoters to your Google Reviews site to leave a 5-star review, and give your passives and detractors a $5 coupon to encourage them to visit again.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our Thank you page guide for tips on maximizing your promoter feedback, preventing fallout from passives and detractors, and answers to frequently asked questions about thank you pages!

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