Improving your program engagement

With so many different features available in Delighted, it’s easy to overlook some big-impact changes that would be easy to make in your account. We've identified the three most important aspects of successful feedback programs to review every quarter. With a focus on your program goals, review the following pages for a list of features our customers have identified as having the biggest bang for their buck in improving their programs.

The first aspect of your Delighted program to review during your QBR is your customers' engagement in your program.

When customers are engaged in your feedback program, they're more likely to open your emails and give high value responses to your surveys.

With the Delighted  Metrics page, you can track the key statistics (like open rate and response rate) that measure engagement. While these metrics are largely dictated by the timing of your survey sends, the survey platform you’ve chosen (email, web, sms), and your brand messaging, there are a few quick updates you can explore to give your engagement a boost:

Bump response rates with Reminders

What are reminders?

Delighted's reminders will automatically resurvey customers that haven't engaged with your initial email, 7 days after delivery. Reminders will target folks who overlooked the initial survey email, and you can enable them on the Platform page, under the gear icon for Email.

How can I use them?

We on send reminders to people haven't opened the original email, as opposed to all non-responders, in order to avoid over surveying recipients who have more explicitly opted out of responding (i.e. those who have opened, but not submitted a score/comment).

Where can I learn more? 

Read about reminders in our Help Center on the Reminders FAQ page.

Personalize your email subject with Special Properties

What are Special Properties?

As you can tell by the name, Special Properties function similarly to standard Delighted Properties, allowing you to pass unique information about a particular person with every survey. What sets special properties apart is their ability to dynamically update aspects of the survey content on a per-survey basis, including the subject line.

How can I use Special Properties?

Imagine you run a subscription pet supply business, and are sending out a Delighted survey to your subscribers once every three months. To improve response rates, try customizing the subject line of the survey email with the customer’s pet’s name. Using the Special Property “delighted email subject,” you can send eye-catching emails with subjects like, “How is Fido enjoying their treats?”

Where can I learn more?

Head to our Special Properties guide to learn about what Special Properties are available, how to pass Special Properties to Delighted, and about specific properties such as the Delighted email subject.

Consider new survey channels and touchpoints

What channels and touchpoints are available?

Delighted allows you to send surveys via email, web, SMS, and link, and thoughtfully combining these to target different subsets of your customer base can enrich and increase the feedback that you receive.

How can I use multiple channels or touchpoints?

Imagine you own a software company that sends an NPS survey to decision makers every 6 months. You might be hitting a customer segment that responds well to emails, but what about your end users who spend time in the product? Consider adding web surveys to capture their feedback and drive up engagement.

Where can I learn more?

Check out our guides on web surveys and SMS surveys, or read our FAQs about sending out links or distributing via email.

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