What are Projects?

The Customer Experience (CX) is the sum total of each and every step in a customer's journey. Consistently monitoring, improving, and evolving each step in that journey is imperative for building a competitive CX program.

If you're monitoring a single metric, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), you're already headed in the right direction! However, lets say you're measuring NPS 30 days after a customer's transaction. While you might have an 85 NPS derived from your post-purchase feedback, you'll still be left in the dark for so many other pivotal moments in the customer journey. What's the quality of customer support being delivered? Do customers find the in-app features helpful? Are quarterly business reviews yielding actionable insights?

Think of CX as a control panel with a series of controls and sliders. Each customer touchpoint, ranging from onboarding all the way to churn, has it's own independent slider. You're at the helm of that control panel, listening in as customers provide feedback and either continuing on your existing path, leaving that slider as-is, or driving forward with improvements to push that slider all the way to the maximum at every touchpoint possible.

Ready to max out the Customer Experience at every touchpoint? You now can roll-out your entire CX program, and elevate those experiences, right here at Delighted using Projects!

What are Projects?

Projects are essentially unique Delighted dashboards, which you can configure with different survey types (ex. NPS, CSAT, 5-star, etc.), different platforms (Web, Email, SMS), and a range of other unique customizations. With a single login, you can create and toggle between different CX initiatives, empowering you to bring your team's entire CX initiative under one hood at Delighted:

Project Highlights

Gone are the days of running different survey initiatives in various platforms. With Projects, you can consolidate your entire CX program in a single platform here at Delighted. In the section below, we'll outline a few key highlights associated with Delighted's Projects feature:

  • Consolidated billing: Just one billed account covers multiple Delighted Projects
  • User control: Manage which team members have access to which accounts (ex. your marketing team only able to see marketing-related feedback, whereas your executive team might be able to view all Projects)
  • Single login: No need to log in and out of each Delighted Project. Simply toggle between Projects using a drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner of your dashboard
  • Access to all survey types + platforms: With Projects, your team can provision a new CSAT account for support, product-driven surveys with Thumbs, and much more. When creating a new Project, you'll be able to select any survey type and platform.

Ready to get started with Projects? Check out our FAQ section on how to set-up Projects.

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