Do integrations work across Projects?

Each account has it's own set of customizations, settings, and integration configurations. When setting up a new Project, be sure to review the integrations page to make sure it's configured for that particular Project.

The benefit with Project-specific integrations is that you can push and pull data more specifically around your organization. Here are a few examples of ways customers have set-up unique integration configurations across different Projects:

  • Post-Support: Set-up a separate CSAT Project to fire off support-focused surveys after Zendesk tickets are closed. You can continue to run your NPS survey based on the trigger events you've already defined - no disruption to that sending cadence or logic!
  • Internal Communication: Configure an NPS dashboard to sync customer-facing survey responses to Slack, while keeping your eNPS feedback solely in Delighted
  • Customer Touchpoints/Triggers: Design different Projects for various moments in the customer lifecycle, setting up each account with a respective Segment event that triggers for those precise moments

Having unique integrations per account gives your team the granular control necessary to fire off surveys exactly when expected, as well as sync various Project feedback to appropriate channels/teams.

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