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Delighted's "Release Notes" section is designed to highlight all recently deployed new features, updates, and general improvements – ensuring your team is 100% up-to-date on what's new and available here at Delighted!

March 2019

What's new

  • Projects: Run your entire Customer Experience (CX) program at Delighted using Projects. Interested in gauging customer feedback around their support experience? Introduce a CSAT survey. Looking to run ad-hoc product research? Consider introducing a Thumbs survey. You can now consolidate your entire CX program under one hood at Delighted. Learn more about Projects here: What Are Projects?

  • Klayvio integration: Automatically sync Delighted scores and comments, as soon as they ht your dashboard, with customers in Klaviyo. Learn more about the Delighted + Klayvio integration.

What we updated

  • Access Profiles from Trends: You can now access a respondent's Profile page from any Trend page:

  • Project support for Delighted iOS App: Delighted's iOS app now offers full support for our brand new Projects feature. Toggle between different Projects, on the go, directly from your mobile device:

February 2019

What's new

  • Pivot Table: Passing through multiple properties with each survey request? Leverage Delighted's new Pivot Table to correlate different properties, and quickly reveal the associated metrics. Consider you're running a CSAT program and passing your support agents' name as a property (Agent Name) as well as their respective location (Company Location). With Delighted's Pivot Table, you can select a location, select the property of "Agent Name", and the Pivot Table will immediately show the CSAT for all values under your "Agent Name" property (i.e. all the agents for that location and their respective CSAT). Learn more about the Pivot Table.
  • Snapshot Report: Generate a point-in-time report that includes your core metric (ex. NPS, CSAT, CES, etc.), histogram showing a distribution of your scores, and a curated collection of your comments. Learn more about Snapshot reports.
  • Over Time Report: Track your metric as it trends over time - whether that's monthly, quarterly, or annually. Beyond defining this report by time frame and frequency, you can also pull super specific reports based on properties and keywords. Over Time reports are great for sharing support agent CSAT reports (ex. for training purposes), per-location branch performance shared with location managers, feedback on brand new product features, and any other per-property reporting you need to tackle! Learn more about the Over Time Report and check out a sneak peak below:

What we updated

  • N/A: New updates on the way!

January 2019

What's new

  • Smiley Surveys: Run satisfaction-focused surveys using a universally recognized visual scale. Switch over to Smileys from your current sending method or, even better, run them simultaneously in a separate account. Learn more about Smileys here.
  • Thumbs Surveys: Thumbs up. Thumbs down. Run super simple, binary surveys with Delighted's brand new Thumbs surveys. Whether getting product feedback, or running an internal poll, Thumbs enable a lightweight, easy-to-respond survey solution. Learn more about Thumbs in our Help Center.
  • Link Platform: Ever wanted to collect feedback right after an Intercom chat? Interested in embedding a survey in your receipts? Introducing Delighted's new platform - Links! Generate a quick link to your Delighted survey, embed or share that link, and get feedback right away. Be sure to spend some time exploring our brand new Link platform.

What we updated

  • Redacting Slack Feedback: You can name redact Name and Email fields from your Slack notifications. If there are concerns around PII details and/or general customer privacy, simply head to your Slack integration page and select the redact option
  • Webhooks Auth Update: We can now support `username:password` configurations in Webhooks.

December 2018

What's new

  • Additional Questions: You can now layer in up to 10 questions into the Delighted survey flow. Whether prompting dissatisfied customers with a series of multiple choice questions to learn more about their experience, or including an opt-in question (Yes/No) to share Promoter feedback, Additional Questions enable a range of new actions and insights to level up your CX program at Delighted. Click here to learn more!
  • MailChimp Integration: Automatically dispatch Email surveys to new subscribers on any of your MailChimp mailing lists. Set-up your Delighted + MailChimp integration here.
  • People Page Search: You can now easily search through all the People who have ever received a survey from your account. Just head to the People page, type in an email or phone number, and we'll return their record. Note, the email or phone number must be entered exactly as it appears in Delighted.
  • Delighted iOS App: Access your Delighted dashboard on the go with our brand new iOS app. Add notes to responses, share feedback via Slack and other social channels, and keep a close pulse on your customer feedback - wherever you might happen to be! Download Delighted for iOS from the App Store.

What we updated

  • Multi-Account Shopify Support: We now have the ability to connect multiple Delighted dashboards to a single Shopify instance. Contact our Customer Concierge team to learn more!

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