When should I use Smileys?

Because smiley faces are so closely tied to emotional response, they're a fantastic pairing with satisfaction-type questions. Whether following a support interaction, or prompted a few weeks after a product delivery, Smileys can be easily mapped to a customer's level of satisfaction at any point in time. 

Spending hours upon hours to pair your new Bluetooth speaker to your TV? That's likely an angry face. Get a response within minutes from a support agent, completely resolving your concerns? That's an ear-to-ear grin on the Smileys scale.

Smileys surveys are extremely prevalent both online and offline, with a number of powerful applications, including:

  • Post-support surveys to get a pulse on an agent's level of service (ex. "How did we do today?")
  • Kiosks that collect feedback in physical locations - such as airports and malls
  • Web sites with a diverse range of visitors with varying language preferences (Smileys surveys are language agnostic)
  • Internal employee surveys to gauge job satisfaction

If the survey you're considering could be answered with "Satisfied" or "Dissatisfied", there's a high likelihood that Smileys surveys could lend a hand in reducing your survey complexity, increasing overall engagement, and yielding a much more clear and actionable data set for your team.

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