Who are Thumbs surveys for?

Thumbs offers a lightweight, adaptable solution for any company requiring quick, clear, and concise feedback from their customers. For businesses looking for product feedback, customer sentiment following support interactions, product satisfaction, or similar use cases, Thumbs can enable the collection of less complex customer sentiment to help action immediate improvements.

As an added bonus, because of the survey's simplicity, Thumbs often sees much higher engagement than traditional surveys, so they offer a great solution for companies looking to rejuvenate their poorly engaged CX programs.

Interested in measuring if customers are enjoying your new app? Need clearer insight into how your support team is performing? How about looking for a clearer picture of what documentation on your site is worth keeping? Thumbs are the way to go!

Ultimately, Thumbs provides an excellent way to drive powerful feedback programs for any use case that necessitates a simple, yet powerful, feedback program to pierce through the complexity of traditional surveys - delivering decisive, actionable customer insight with no frills.

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