When should I use Thumbs surveys?

The ideal timing for sending a Thumbs survey is immediately following a specific product interaction, support conversation, purchase transaction, or other key event. With the experience fresh on a customer's mind (ex. an earlier completed support interaction), emotions will likely be running high - whether positive or negative.

Tap into more of that immediate, raw, powerful customer feedback by reducing the question to just a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down, making it super simple to respond right away.

Interested in learning about situations where others are using Thumbs? Consider these common use cases:

  • Directly following a support conversation
  • In-product to capture feedback about app features
  • Products with machine learning and/or heightened personalization based on feedback (ex. many music apps)
  • Embedded in your Help Center to get a gauge of how helpful customers find your content
  • Opt-in forms - less feedback oriented, and more designed to help build internal lists for contact
  • Replacement for the standard 1-5 CSAT scale

Thumbs provides one of the most lean and effective methods to collect feedback quickly. With that in mind, the best place to deploy Thumb-based surveys would be in situations where you’d anticipate rapid feedback would be necessary. 

Whether a quick tap in-app or from in-store customers, Thumbs is here to bring CX feedback back to the basics!

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