Does Delighted have an iOS app?

Yes! Delighted has an iOS app available that allows you to access your dashboard, anytime and anywhere. Whether checking your feedback on your iPhone, or sharing recent customer comments on an iPad during a meeting, the Delighted iOS app makes accessing your feedback super simple and convenient. 

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Overview of the Delighted iOS App

Delighted's iOS app brings the core Delighted experience – the dashboard – to your mobile devices. Grab a pulse of customer feedback on the go, quickly share customer comments via text, Twitter, or other channels, and add notes to catalyze action right away. Here's a look at the app in action:



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Response feed

View customer feedback as soon as it reaches your dashboard. With a small badge on the left-hand side of the screen, we'll let you know whenever new responses are received. Simply pull down on the response feed, and reveal any new responses that have recently arrived. If no new responses have been received, you'll see a small notification letting you know that "You are up to date":

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Drill down further on customer feedback by clicking on any response. On the expanded detail page, you'll see all the properties, timestamp information, and notes associated with a response. With further context about the feedback, you'll have a complete picture of the different variables impacting the customer experience, as well as a clear understanding of where to focus your closed loop actions.

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Take action right away on a response by leaving a note. Whether flagging a response for follow-up later, or adding additional context to be built into your Delighted exports, notes are great way to layer in more context and ignite action amongst the rest of the team.

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Getting metrics

Interested to see how your surveys are performing while you're on the go? Simply expand the sidebar navigational menu in your app:

And then toggle between Platforms to find the sending method (Web, Email, SMS, Link), instantly revealing the engagement metrics (i.e. open rate, response rate, etc.) for the current month:

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