How it works

Delighted’s Klaviyo integration will automatically sync Delighted feedback to the matching customer in Klaviyo – including their score, comment, and question type.

By syncing your NPS feedback to Klaviyo, you can enrich your customer profiles with concrete customer sentiment. With that data, you can now have a more complete picture of the customer, gauging their feedback and rating against other key metrics in Klaviyo (ex. active time on site).

Setting it up

Go to Klaviyo and sign in to your account:

Click on your account name in the upper right corner and click "Account":

Under the "Settings" menu click "API Keys":

Create a new private API Key:

Head to Delighted's Klaviyo integration page:

Paste the API key from Klaviyo into the requested field in Delighted and click "Connect to Klaviyo":

You're now all set and connected!

FAQ table of contents


What does the synced ticket look like in Klaviyo?

When feedback is synced via the Klaviyo integration, the response data will appear like this in the profile page within Klaviyo:

The synced data will include the score, comment (where applicable), and survey type (ex. NPS, CSAT, CES, or 5-star).

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What happens if there isn't an existing/matching profile in Klaviyo for the response received in Delighted?

If an email address/profile doesn’t exist in Klaviyo at the time a Delighted response is received, a profile will be created when we send the response event.

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