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HubSpot is an invaluable tool for consolidating customer data under one hood. Syncing Delighted feedback over to HubSpot is just one more step in that trajectory – making it super simple for your team to have a 360 degree view about customers and companies. With that noted, the syncing process is just the first step. In this section, we’ll cover key practices that your team can introduce to get the most out of Delighted data built into your HubSpot instance.

Updating your Contact view to sort by score

Looking to get a quick view of your Detractors to diffuse outstanding issues? Is your marketing team interested in following up with Promoters for case studies or testimonials? Add “Delighted NPS” as a column on your Contact view to sort all Contacts by their NPS:

Review historical feedback

View the all-time feedback for a given Contact by hovering over the Delighted NPS property and clicking on the “See history” button:

Export NPS data

From your main Contact page in HubSpot, you can quickly export Delighted NPS data alongside other key metrics you’re logging for each person (ex. MRR, location, industry, etc.) Once exported as a CSV, you can easily build reports in third-party tools such as Excel or other BI tools – including average NPS by industry, MRR at risk, etc.

To export a CSV file from HubSpot:

  • Click on “+ Add filter”
  • Type in “Delighted NPS”
  • Select a condition (ex. “is known”)
  • Click on “Apply filter”
  • Click on “Options”
  • Click on “Export”

You’ll receive an email with a link to download the CSV with all the results from your filter. Here’s an overview of that process from A-Z:

You’re now all set with a range of tools to get even more value out of the Delighted feedback in HubSpot. In our next section, we’ll dig into some of the common questions we receive about the integration, helping you avoid some of the common pitfalls in getting started with Delighted and HubSpot.

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