HubSpot integration guide overview

Delighted's integration for HubSpot enriches all the great customer data you already store in your CRM. In addition to information your team likely already collects in HubSpot (such as customer location, MRR, etc.), the Delighted + HubSpot connection offers an opportunity to layer in even more insight – such as customer pain points, churn risk, and other important details which are surfaced within survey feedback. 

Whether running reporting in HubSpot to pivot Delighted feedback data along other key revenue metrics/business data points, or simply consolidating all your data under one hood for 360 degree customer visibility, the Delighted + HubSpot integration makes it super easy to sync survey feedback and align the entire team on the voice of the customer.   

The net result? After integrating Delighted and HubSpot, your team will be equipped with a wider range of details about customers to help drive higher quality customer interactions, generate richer reporting, develop targeted content based on customer sentiment, and provide stronger opportunities for conversion, retention, and account growth.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • The integration process
  • Basics of the HubSpot integration
  • Benefits of using the HubSpot integration
  • Configuring the HubSpot layout
  • Best practices
  • FAQs
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