Can I view response history over time for a person?

Yes - using a feature we call “Profiles”. You can click on any person in the Dashboard or People page to view a number of key details about that person, including:

  • All their feedback
  • Any survey activity they've had within Delighted
  • Details on their current surveying status

Each Profile page is broken down into three key sections:

  • Key data points: High-level detail on the left-hand sidebar
  • Feedback: All-time response history under the “Feedback” tab
  • Activity: All-time survey history under the “Activity” tab

Key data points

On the left-hand side of the Profile page, we'll show major data points/metrics associated with each person:

  • Status: If the person is “Active” (i.e. eligible to be surveyed), or “Inactive” (i.e. ineligible to be surveyed due to bounce, unsubscribe, or similar event).
  • Number of times surveyed: The total times a person has been surveyed across all platforms (Email, Web, and SMS).
  • Last surveyed: The timestamp the person was last surveyed
  • Improvement: Delta between the last two responses
  • Can be surveyed again: The next time this person is available to be surveyed again after the throttle period has lapsed

Feedback tab

On the right-hand side of the page, you can select the “Feedback” tab to show the all-time response history for a particular person. Similar to the dashboard, you can hover over the smiley face to see the specific score, as well as click on the timestamp to see all the properties associated with that respective response.

You can use the “Export feedback” link to export the all-time response history for that person in a CSV file.

Activity tab

When selecting the “Activity” tab, you'll see a record of each time someone was surveyed, all properties/data associated with that survey request, as well as details on what happened with each request (ex. open, unsubscribe, bounce, etc.)

You can use the “Export all activity” link to export the all-time survey request history for that person in a CSV file.

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