Testing the connection

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The process of testing the Delighted + Salesforce integration is as simple as:

  • Creating a contact in SFDC (for an email inbox to which you have access)
  • Sending a survey via Delighted
  • Responding to the survey
  • Viewing the response in SFDC

Creating a Contact in SFDC

From the main page, click the “+” icon in your navigational menu (next to “Subscriptions” below):

From the “All Tabs” page, click on the link for “Contacts”:

On the “Contacts” page, click the “New” button – this is often under the “Recent Contacts” field:

Enter the Contact details, including the email of the person you’ll be surveying, and then hit “Save”. Be sure to enter an email to which you’ll have access, as you’ll need to access the inbox to respond to the survey later:

Sending a survey via Delighted

We’ve covered the details for getting started with sending via our Quick Start to Sending section in Delighted’s Help Center. For this purpose, all you’ll need to do is:

  • Visit our One-Time Survey page
  • In the text field, type the email of the person to be surveyed
  • Click “Next: Review”
  • Send

That survey will go out right away. Note, if you’ve already sent to that address in the past, there’s a chance it might be throttled. If this is the case, try creating a different record in SFDC and sending to a new address. Alternatively, send us a note and we can push your survey past the throttle.

Responding to the survey

Once you receive the survey in your inbox, select a score and then provide a follow-up comment. 

An important item to keep in mind is the integration delay. We build in a 10-minute delay to ensure the respondent’s comment is fully captured prior to syncing the feedback to SFDC. As a result, it may take 10-15 minutes before the response is visible in SFDC.

Viewing the response in SFDC

After responding to the survey, as well as waiting approximately 10-15 minutes for the response to sync over, take a look at the Contact record you created. You should now see both the Last Delighted Response Score field and the Delighted Responses related list updated:

Your Salesforce integration is now up and running! In the following sections, we’ll cover some best practices as you get started with our integration, as well as other tips for getting the most value out of the Delighted + Salesforce connection.

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