Benefits of leveraging Delighted’s SFDC integration

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Beyond simply layering in more context, the Delighted + Salesforce integration can help drive workflows, serve as the foundation for custom reports, and much more. In this section, we’ll explore some of the key benefits for integrating Delighted with Salesforce.

Consolidate your dashboards

Syncing over data from Delighted to Salesforce, in real-time, ensures that you’ll have both feedback data and existing SFDC data all in a single location. Delighted’s integration is automated and always running, so the feedback will never be out of sync between those platforms. With centralized feedback and sales data, you and your team can make critical customer decisions with all the necessary data right at your fingertips.

Enable workflows and automation

Our integration pushes over all the response data, from scores to timestamps, to your Salesforce instance. As Contact records are updated with new feedback, consider leveraging Workflows and/or Apex Triggers to automate processes based on freshly synced Delighted responses.

Whether automating a follow-up to Detractors for NPS surveys, or notifying an Account Manager for particular CSAT responses, you can build strong automation off of the raw response data Delighted sends your way.

Develop custom reporting

Generate reports that focus on Delighted response data, or draw on a blend of Delighted data and existing SFDC data. With Delighted’s Salesforce integration, we provide you with a range of custom objects that can be leveraged to build out powerful reports – tracking NPS over time, highlighting NPS in conjunction with other metrics (ex. MRR), and much more.

Learn more about developing customer reports with Salesforce.

Identify customers prior to churn

Reporting regularly on Contacts/Accounts with negative feedback? Developing automated workflows to connect those managing an account when negative NPS feedback is received? Delighted's Salesforce integration syncs scores in real-time to set the foundation for quick follow-up with dissatisfied customers before they call it quits.

Identify customers for plan upgrades

Positive feedback can be a strong indicator of customers more interested in additional product offerings, upgrades, and cross-selling opportunities. Syncing Delighted feedback to Salesforce can give your account and sales teams all the detail they need to identify those customers who might be great candidates for upgrades and, more important for your team, added MRR.

Now that we’ve explored the basic functionality and skimmed through a few benefits of leveraging the SFDC integration, lets explore some of the key components of the Delighted package that you can share with your Salesforce admins and developers prior to installing the integration.

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