Basics of the SFDC integration

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Delighted’s Salesforce integration automatically syncs Delighted feedback over to your SFDC instance – quick and simple! The syncing process includes three key phases:

  • Response is received in Delighted
  • We search for a matching Contact record in Salesforce
  • Feedback is synced to the matching Contact

Later on in this guide, we’ll get into more of the technical details of the integration. However, in this section, we’ll explore each of the above phases from a high level – giving you a better familiarity with the underlying functionality of the integration.

Response is received in Delighted

Once a response lands in your Delighted dashboard, we start an internal timer for 10 minutes prior to kickstarting the Salesforce sync process. Why the delay? The average respondent takes about 10 minutes, or a bit less, to provide a comment. With this timing in mind, we wait a full 10 minutes prior to starting the syncing process to ensure the score and full comment are captured – ready to be pushed over to Salesforce.

Contact is searched in Salesforce

Once that 10 minute timer is up, our integration will run a look-up in your SFDC instance. We map responses from Delighted to Salesforce based on the email address. When we find a Contact record with a matching email address, we sync that feedback right away.

If you want to be more specific with the syncing process, you can also include a property, in your survey requests, of salesforce_contact_id. By including that property and the applicable Salesforce Contact ID, we’ll sync based on the ID as opposed to the email address.

Feedback is synced to the matching Contact

Now that a contact has been found, we’ll proceed to sync feedback to the Contact record. We sync feedback in two places – a Custom Field and a Related List:

  • Custom Field: This field will display the most recent Delighted survey score that has been received.
  • Related List: This list is fully customizable and can be configured to show all the Delighted response detail – from the response timestamp to the property data you sent along with the survey request.

Delighted’s Salesforce integration is lightweight yet very powerful in terms of the data synced over to your instance. From custom reports to quick insight for your sales team, the integration can help increase visibility of NPS data, consolidating all your key metrics and data in Salesforce. 

Our next section will examine more of those key benefits you can anticipate by pushing your Delighted data into Salesforce.

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