How to create a Trend

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Creating a Trend takes just a few seconds. To set-up your first Trend, simply:

  • Enter a keyword and/or select a filter
  • Click the link titled “Create a trend with these results”
  • You’re all set!

  • As an example, consider a team running an audit on the quality of their customer support. This team is tasked with tracking all the feedback related to quality. To create that Trend, and track that feedback, they would use the Search field on the Dashboard to search for the keyword of “Support”. From there, simply click the link to create a Trend:

    Trends can also be created with filters. For example, if the above support team was interested only in Promoters who mentioned "Support", they would search for “Support” and click on the filter for Promoters:

    As you can see from the above examples, creating a Trend is super quick and easy! With that noted, there’s still much more you can do to layer in more value and make the feature even more robust. In our next section, we’ll discuss adding in additional tracked keywords to expand your Trend’s reach.

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