How is NPS calculated?

The Net Promoter Score is calculated with the following equation:

Total percentage of Promoters - Total percentage of Detractors = Your NPS Score

Lets break that down piece by piece:

  • Total percentage of Promoters: Total percent of responses where the score was a 9 or a 10
  • Total percentage of Detractors: Total percent of responses where the score was 6 or below

As an example, lets imagine we received the following responses:

  • Promoters: 10 (50% of total responses)
  • Passives: 5 (25% of total responses)
  • Detractors: 5 (25% of total responses)

The above gives us 50% of total responses as Promoters and 25% of total responses as Detractors. Plugging that into the equation:

50 - 25 = 25 (Your NPS)

Note, NPS always rounds to a whole number. Feel free to test the equation out with our  live NPS calculator!

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