How is CES calculated?

Calculating the Customer Effort Score is a super simple process with Delighted. First of all, consider the bucketed ranges:

  • Disagree: 1 and 2
  • Neutral: 3
  • Agree: 4 and 5

To calculate your CES, simply find the total percentage of folks that are marked in the “Agree” category (score of 4 or 5), and there you have it – your Customer Effort Score. The higher the CES, the easier your customers have found the experience of resolving their issue/locating the resources they require.

As an example, lets imagine we received the following responses for your 30-day score:

  • Disagree: 5 responses (25% of total responses)
  • Neutral: 5 responses (25% of total responses)
  • Agree: 10 responses (50% of total responses)

The above gives us a total of 10 “Agree” responses, which is 50% of the total responses for that time period. As a result, the CES would be 50.

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